Ready Set Bet

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In Ready Set Bet, you and your friends head to the races for a day of cheering, jeering, and betting on your favorite horses, whose fates hang on every roll of the dice.

Time: 45 minutes

Players: 2-9

Age: 14+


A fast paced and light-hearted party game designed for 2-9 players, aged 14 and up. Combining luck and strategy as players bet on the outcomes of horse races. It’s a must-play game for all parties and game nights.  

What's in the box?

  • 32 VIP Cards (standard)
  • 28 Prop Bet cards (mini)
  • Race Track Board
  • Bet Track Board
  • 152 Money Chip tokens
  • 52 Bet tokens
  • 6 House Bet Tokens
  • 2 Six-sided dice
  • Wooden horse Meeples
  • 8 Result Arrow Tokens

How to play the game

The game is played over a number of rounds, with players accumulating points after each round. Rounds consist of three phases: betting, racing and scoring.

  • Betting phase: Players secretly choose a horse to bet on by placing one of their tokens on the corresponding horse card. Players can also place additional bets on the winner of the race or the horse that comes in last.
  • Racing phase: Players take turns rolling a set of custom dice that determine the order in which the horses move. Each die has different symbols representing different types of movement, such as trot or a gallop. The horses move accordingly to the dice rolls, and the first horse to cross the finish line wins the race.
  • Scoring phase: Players earn or lose points based on their bets. If a player correctly bets on the winning horse, they earn points based on the odds of that horse winning. If a player correctly bet on the last place horse, they earn bonus points. However, if a player incorrectly bet on a horse, they lose points. 
    The player with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner!

The player with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner!


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