Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar 2023

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Pre-order your advent calendar for December 2023! Get ready for the ultimate board gaming countdown and preorder your advent calendar for December 2023! Packed with hand-wrapped surprises from the industry, each day will bring a new gaming delight. 



Roll up, roll up! Get ready for the ultimate countdown to Christmas with out board gaming advent calendar. This isn’t your ordinary advent calendar, oh no. This is the real deal. Designed by gamers for gamers, this advent calendar brings together the best of the best from the world of tabletop gaming.  

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “But I don’t wat a boring old piece of chocolate every day, I want something truly epic.” Well, my friend, you’re in luck! For the third year in a row, we bring you our advent calendar. Our office helpers are hard at work perfectly hand-wrapping and umbering each individual gift, for you to enjoy pure gaming goodness each day. Trust us, these elves take their wrapping seriously. They’ve got more skills than Santa himself when it comes to wrapping up board games.

Now, we know you’re really wondering “what kins of games are we talking about here?”. Well, we can’t tell you exactly (that would ruin the surprise). But you can check out what we’ve done in the past iteration here.

So, if you’re ready to take your tabletop gaming to the next level this holiday season, grab our advent calendar for your board game bonanza.

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